Meridian Change 4 Life Club


The change 4 Life club at Meridian Primary school is run on a Tuesday morning from 8am to 8:45am. The club has targeted a mix of children, some who lack a bit of self confidence, some who need a little help focusing, some who are unable to access other out of school sports and some that are learning about team work.

The children all meet in the hall in their school uniform and trainers where they do a warm up, today they were walking around throwing a ball up and trying to catch it in one hand, they then did some dynamic stretches and woke their bodies up ready for the day. The children then sat down and discussed what exercise they had done in the previous week to help them become healthier. They were then given a homework task to try and think of healthy food that they like for next week. They then went on to play a game called ‘Not in my back yard’ where two teams had to try and get all the balls on the opponents side of the hall. After 1 minute they regrouped and counted the balls then discussed how to work better in a team to win the game. The game was played again and the tactics discussed put in place. The next challenge was to get from one end of the hall to the other using ‘spots’, each team of three had three spots and had to have their feet on at least one spot. The children worked really well together to get to the other side of the hall. It was then time to cool down and discuss the importance of stretching all our muscles after exercise.

This is a really mixed group of children that wouldn’t necessarily mix in the classroom or playground, yet at the C4L club they work really well as a team. I asked one of the group what they liked best about being part of the C4L club and they said, “working together with different children and becoming a team” All of them were smiling and succeeding at this session and you knew when they left the club they were going on to have a great day at school.

If you would like to run a club in your school more information can be found at We are also running a deliverers workshop on 8th January 4-6:30pm at Comberton Village College, if you would like to book a place please follow this link


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